Pre-Assessment Questions

BAM! activities are designed to teach students about the nature of physical activity, its impact on the body and overall health in the short- and long-term, and the importance of setting personal goals for physical activity. The activities also allow students to continually evaluate the benefits of planning ahead with tasks such as keeping accurate records, and making and interpreting graphs.

You can use the pre-assessment questions below to determine from which of the activities your students might benefit the most. Try using the questions to initiate classroom discussion, create fun and simple activities, or simply guide observation of your students' work. If you find that you answer "no" to any of the questions listed, consider completing the activity with your class. Your class can complete Active or Not, Here It Comes! and Planning for Physical Activity independently. However, How Much Is Enough?, the lesson that ties the physical activity unit together, assumes that students have completed the other two activities.

Answering the pre-assessment questions may also help guide you as you complete the activities with your students.

Active or Not, Here it Comes!

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Planning for Physical Activity

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How Much Is Enough?

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Note: At the end of each activity, a more substantive assessment task is provided for quantitative evaluation of student content mastery.