Planning for Physical Activity

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The purpose of these activities is to put students in the frame of mind for developing short- and long-term physical activity plans with the objective of providing a sense of competence and positive self-image, as well as setting life-long patterns of physical activity. In particular, students are to use standard graphing techniques to indicate changes over time, as well as using visual depictions of data collected and subsequently analyzed. By emphasizing effort over actual performance, students will be motivated to engage in physical activity for more personal, intrinsic reasons rather than for extrinsic, performance-based reasons.

Students will:

Relevant Standards:

National educational standards that correspond to this activity appear below. Grades 5-8 and grades 9-12 standards are listed to address those middle schools that include ninth grade.

National Science Education Standards

Grades 5-8, Standard F

Grades 9-12, Standard F National Health Education Standards

Grade 5-8
Standard 3 Standard 6

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