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water skiing ImageWater skiers need to be good swimmers and always wear a life jacket that fits properly.

Safe water skiing requires three people: the skier, an experienced boat driver, and the spotter to look out for the skier's signals. Since the noise from the boat is so loud, it's important that everyone agrees on and understands the hand signals to use so you can talk without saying a word! Remember, you need to master hand signals before you begin cutting across the water on your skis!

When you're out on the water, be sure you're in a safe area to ski. Don't ski near docks, boats, rocks, or in shallow water. The only place to start is in the water — dock or land starts should be left to the pros.

If you start to lose your balance while skiing, just bend your knees and crouch down so you don't fall. If you do fall — and everyone does — remember to let go of the rope! Then, find your skis and hold one of them up to signal you're okay and to let other boaters know you're in the water.

Before you start, get H2O smart about what to do on and in the water.

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