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swimming ImageLearn to swim and always swim with a friend. It's more fun and having a friend there if you need one is just plain smart!

Make sure to respect rules and lifeguards. Pool rules like "no running" or beach rules like "no swimming outside the flags" are there to protect you. (And lifeguards enforce them so that you can stay safe, not to ruin your fun.) Make sure a lifeguard or an adult can see you just in case you need help.

Don't try to keep up with stronger or more experienced swimmers, especially if they swim out further than you think you can swim back.

Swimming is real workout! So, take breaks. If you get tired while you're in the water, float on your back for a few minutes until you get your power back!

Make sure to keep an eye on mother nature. If you spot bad weather (dark clouds, lightening), it's time to take the fun inside.

And when you get out of the water, tilt and shake your head to let all of the water drain out of your ears — "swimmers ear" can be a real pain!

Diving makes a splash, but make sure you know how deep the water is before you leap.

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