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softball ImageBefore you hit the field, WARM UP! Get all of your muscles ready to play by stretching before every game.

Whether you're in the field or up to bat, don't forget to wear your safety gear in games and in practices. A helmet is important when batting, waiting to bat, or running the bases. If you're a catcher, make sure you wear your protective gear during all practices and games, and wear it properly — have your coach or a parent check it out for you. Don't wear jewelry like rings, watches, or necklaces — they could cut you (or someone else), or get caught when you're runnin' the bases.

Did you know that an umpire could call you out for throwing your bat? Well, they can! And, it's not just the out you have to worry about — it's your teammates' safety! Always drop your bat next to your side in the batters box before you head for first base.

Be a team player — always know where your teammates are before throwing the ball or swinging your bat. Make sure they are ready and have their glove up as a target before you throw the ball to them. Call loudly for every fly ball or pop up in the field, even if you don't think any of your teammates are close by. Teams that play together win together!

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