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gymnastics ImageThe most important gymnastics rule to remember is to know what you’re doing! Never attempt a trick you are not familiar with. Make sure you always have a trained spotter (someone who stands near you in case you need help while doing your tricks) just in case you lose your balance on the beam, or attempt a wobbly handstand.

Before you attempt any trick or stunt, always make sure the equipment is sturdy and has been set up properly (always ask a coach or another grown-up for help). Floors should be padded with mats that are secured under every piece of equipment. Also, make sure there is enough distance between each piece of equipment before you start swingin’! Collisions can cause you, or others around you, to get hurt if you don’t watch out. Use your head! Pay attention and be serious about your practice — horseplay and goofing around can get you into trouble! Always know what your teammates are doing and where they are.

And last but not least, never eat or chew gum while doing gymnastics — the moment you become unaware of what is in your mouth, it can easily become lodged in your throat and you could choke!

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