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cheerleading ImageToday's cheerleading is super fun, but it's risky too especially if you perform stunts. On this team sport, each squad member's position is key to completing the stunts safely and dazzling the crowd.

Make sure you're well conditioned for all those kicks, jumps, and splits warm up before each practice and game, and do lots of stretching. Focus on stretching your legs and back. If you do stunts and build pyramids, make sure you stretch your arms and shoulders too!

Practice safe stunts! If your squad does lifts, tosses, or builds pyramids, make sure you follow these important safety rules.

Stunt Safety

Always practice stunts on mats or pads.

Never attempt a stunt unless a coach is there.

Always use spotters for each and every stunt.

If you are new to stunting, start with easier stunts and gradually move up to harder ones.

Remember that if someone in the stunt yells "Down," the stunt should come down immediately.

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