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golf xpert Meet Brandon Edge—a 12-year old golfer from Lakeworth, Florida. Brandon was born with cerebral palsy (a disorder that causes the loss of movement parts of the body), which made it almost impossible for him to get involved in his favorite But, he didn't let that stop him!

Brandon first became interested in golf when he and his family played goonie golf (also known as putt-putt or miniature golf) at a local course, and at the end, the course manager awarded Brandon the ball. That was the beginning of his love for the game—he began watching golf on TV, and played his own style of golf by rolling the ball around his house and into cups. Brandon's parents even went to a local sports store and bought the end of a hockey stick (the curved, plastic end) so that Brandon could use that to hit the ball around. But, more and more, Brandon grew to love the game and wanted to play like his favorite player, Tiger Woods. So, the search began—Brandon's Dad combed the Internet and finally found the Children's Golf Foundation—and the best part's only 45 minutes from Brandon's house.

Every Saturday, Brandon makes the trip to West Palm Beach, Florida to play on the Children's Golf Foundation four-hole course. With its beautiful greens built especially to hold the weight of wheel chairs and crutches, you would think you are a member of the PGA Tour! Brandon is an ace when it comes to putting, but he says his favorite part of golf is driving the ball off of the tea, " I love to hit the ball far!"

Brandon says golf isn't just a great way to make new friends, but it also keeps him in shape, "It makes me feel good, and I feel really strong!" Brandon uses a special golf cart (that anyone would love to ride in) where the seat swivels around so that he can stand and make a complete swing with his club. The clubs he uses are also designed to be shorter, lightweight and have larger heads-this enables Brandon to make the ball soar off of the tee!

Brandon learned a lot about golf from watching his idols on TV and reading magazines and books. He also got a lot of putting practice by visiting his local miniature golf course and practicing with things he found around the house. Brandon also suggests checking out your local golf organizations. Lots of public golf clubs have beginner classes, as well as advanced for those who are ahead of the game.

So, what's stoppin' ya? Create a course for you and your friends in your own backyard, or contact your local golf club. Golf is a game for everyone!

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